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Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Caregiving Hours: Hourly, Daily, Weekly / 7 days a week, 24-hour service

Office Location: 12660 West North Avenue, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 Building D

Phone: (262) 754-0550

Fax: (262) 754-0344

Email: office@rent-a-daughter.com

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Rob & Jean Henke

Rent-a-Daughter Owners

Voice Mail Extension: Rob – 111, Jean – 102
Email: rob@rent-a-daughter.com
Email: jean@rent-a-daughter.com

Lee Katt

Client Care Director

Voice Mail Extension: 106
Email: lee@rent-a-daughter.com

Erin Mihor & Jackie Vogel

Scheduling Coordinators

Voice Mail Extension: Erin – 125, Jackie – 114
Email: scheduling@rent-a-daughter.com

Jennifer Roubik & Joanne Drobyski

Human Resources

Voice Mail Extension: Jennifer – 127, Joanne – 103
Email: hr@rent-a-daughter.com
Email: joanne@rent-a-daughter.com

Ali Martinich/Mari McLoone-Jambura

Client Relations

Voice Mail Extension: Ali – 104, Mari – 110
Email: ali@rent-a-daughter.com
Email: mari@rent-a-daughter.com

Karyl Duersteler

General Office Administrative Assistant

Voice Mail Extension: 126
Email: office@rent-a-daughter.com

Kate Thiele

Billing and Payroll Coordinator

Voice Mail Extension: Kate – 112
Email: billing@rent-a-daughter.com

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